Joget’s Prescription for Healthcare Success: Top Best Practices

Healthcare is more than just medicine; it’s about delivering optimal patient experiences. Discover how four healthcare providers are utilizing Joget to revolutionize patient care, administrative efficiency, and overall healthcare success.

Catalog Management Application

Customer: One of the Major Vision Insurance Carriers in the United States

his case study focuses on the challenges a company faced with its product catalog management due to the absence of an automated workflow. The company struggled with slow updates of catalog data, leading to delayed product onboarding and slower go-to-market strategies. The manual process of updating the catalog database often resulted in inaccuracies in data. Additionally, there was a dependency on the IT team for data retrieval, compounded by the lack of a user-friendly interface for interacting with the catalog database.

Managing the regular inflow of product information and change requests from multiple stakeholders was difficult, especially while trying to maintain an accurate and up-to-date product catalog using manual methods like spreadsheets. The company also faced challenges in creating rich metadata for different products and lacked robust version control for releasing or rolling back updates. Furthermore, the absence of role-based permissions to access catalog data posed significant data security vulnerabilities.

To address these issues, a Catalog Management Application was built using the Joget platform. This application provides a unified platform for the customer to effectively manage its entire product catalog. With this modernized approach, the company can now maintain and control its full product catalog more efficiently and quickly. The application streamlines the process of catalog management, from updating product information to handling change requests, all while ensuring data accuracy and security. This transformation has enabled the company to respond more swiftly to market demands and manage its product catalog with greater precision and control.

Patient Registration Management System

Customer: One of the Major Vision Insurance Carriers in the United States

This case study explores the transformation of a healthcare registration process in the UAE amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, the process for registering Covid-19 vaccinations and PCR tests was manual, using paper forms and emails. This method was inefficient, slow, and costly. The urgent need for a streamlined process became evident with the pandemic’s escalation.

In response, a Patient Registration Management System was developed using the Joget platform. This system revolutionized the way residents in the UAE register for Covid-19 vaccinations and manage PCR test registrations. It serves as a centralized platform, granting patients access to their medical data from the medical lab repository.

The introduction of this system marked a significant shift from the traditional manual processes. It enhanced the efficiency and speed of the registration process, enabling quicker and more organized management of patient information. This digital transformation played a critical role in improving the healthcare system’s response to the pandemic, offering a user-friendly and effective solution for managing health data and facilitating necessary medical procedures.

eMedAsia Medical Digital Platform

Customer: eMedAsia

This case study centers on the development of the eMedAsia Medical Digital Platform, an e-commerce platform specifically designed for registered clinics and medical professionals. The platform was created to address several critical needs in the medical procurement process. Clinics and doctors required an efficient method to purchase medical supplies and equipment, a need accentuated by the desire to transition from traditional, manual purchasing methods to a digitized, streamlined process. Additionally, there was a necessity to support smaller clinics by enabling them to purchase equipment in smaller quantities, helping to reduce costs and minimize inventory burdens. A comprehensive solution was also sought to cater to various medical requirements, including lab tests, blood tests, and patient referrals to hospitals.

To overcome these challenges, the eMedAsia Medical Digital Platform was built on the Joget platform. This platform was designed to manage all backend and administrative tasks associated with e-commerce operations effectively. The utilization of Joget’s no-code/low-code platform drastically cut down the development and implementation time, offering a swift solution to the existing challenges.

The implementation of this system led to significant improvements in business process productivity for eMedAsia. It resulted in a faster turnaround time and a more efficient workflow. The eMedAsia Medical Digital Platform successfully transformed and digitized the traditional purchasing methods, providing clinics and medical professionals with a convenient, efficient, and comprehensive platform for purchasing medical supplies and managing various medical services. This marked a substantial step forward in streamlining medical procurement and enhancing the overall efficiency of healthcare service delivery.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

Customer: Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Medical Supply Chain Management

This case study focuses on the challenges faced by a company in their procurement process. The company was struggling with a lack of streamlined operations, which made the procurement of scientific research reagents inefficient due to the complexity of navigating through numerous channels. Additionally, there was a significant issue with transparency in reagent funding, leading to inconsistencies in adhering to standards across different hospitals and difficulties in enforcing effective cost control. The company also lacked the experience necessary to digitalize business processes, which hindered their efforts to enhance efficiency.

To address these challenges, a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management System was developed and deployed in each hospital, using the Joget platform. This system was specifically tailored to align the scientific research reagent procurement process with the hospital’s management systems.

The implementation of this system resulted in notable improvements in the company’s procurement workflows, storage management, and cost control. One of the critical components of the system was a master data system that synchronized with the scientific research reagents, purchase orders, and storage information within each hospital’s Supply Chain Management System. This integration enabled the company to streamline its procurement processes, ensure transparency in funding, and maintain consistent standards across all hospitals, significantly boosting overall operational efficiency.

Regional & Global Bidding Approval System

Customer: Siemens Healthineers

This case study focuses on the need for a standardized bidding system that would allow for the submission of regional and global bids for medical or healthcare-related projects in a fair and transparent environment. The company required a system at the global level to handle the increasing number of project bids, with the aim of achieving standardized management of the bidding process, improving management efficiency, and enhancing information sharing transparency across regions and countries. Additionally, there was a need for a system to manage the project bidding quotation process at the regional level in China, to standardize and improve management efficiency, transparency, and traceability of information through the local bidding process.

To meet these requirements, two distinct bidding approval systems were developed on the Joget platform. The first system, a Global Bidding Approval System, was designed to establish, supplement, and streamline the bidding process for projects on a global scale. This system provides a comprehensive suite of features to improve the quality and accuracy of bidding information, ensuring that all project stakeholders have access to the most current and relevant data.

The second system, a Regional Bidding Approval System, focuses on the specific needs of projects within particular regions. It offers advanced classification controls to effectively manage and organize supplementary information related to the bidding process. This enables project stakeholders to easily access the information they need for making informed decisions.

The implementation of these systems significantly improved the bidding process by providing a standardized, efficient, and transparent approach. This not only enhanced the quality of the bids but also facilitated better management and coordination of projects across different regions and countries.


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