Sunway Group’s Legacy Lotus Notes Transformation with Joget

Legacy systems can hinder growth, but transformation is within reach. Follow Sunway Group’s transformative journey as they collaborate with Joget to transition from Legacy Lotus Notes, exemplifying how modern solutions can rejuvenate established technological infrastructures.


Legacy Lotus Notes Apps Transformation

Customer: Sunway Group

This case study examines the challenges faced by a company due to the limitations of its Lotus Notes Applications. About 90% of these applications were client-based, requiring users to install Lotus Notes client software and replicate apps onto their desktops for offline access. Modifying the approval flow as per user requirements was a high-effort task due to the hard-coded nature of the current flow and the absence of a workflow engine. Additionally, there was very limited functionality for integrating with third-party systems and no reporting tools for end users. Compared to other platforms, converting applications to web-based platforms took a longer development time.

The requirement of setting up local servers for each remote site, along with the need for bandwidth connectivity and resources for software installation, configuration, and ongoing support/upgrades, resulted in substantial investment costs in both hardware and manpower. Finding developers familiar with Lotus Notes Apps was also challenging. Furthermore, the lack of advancements in the IBM Lotus Notes product was hindering the company’s ability to keep up with the latest web technology trends, and the product was nearing its End of Life (EOL).

To address these challenges, with support from TMS, the top three cloud applications were developed on the Joget platform: Sunway Mall EMS, EOS (Event Management System, Event Order System), Sunway Construction Contract Management, and Sunway Office Automation Suite. These solutions enabled seamless data exchange and real-time processing via API, eliminating manual data entry. They featured configurable approval flows and levels based on contract amounts and were successfully integrated with the Oracle JDE Construction Environment. This integration enhanced search capabilities across all modules and improved accessibility, making the applications available anytime and anywhere. The accessibility extended to both workstations and mobile devices, supporting various form-factor views, including offline usage.



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