Case Studies: How Top Manufacturing Companies Leverage Joget for Excellence

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, staying ahead means embracing innovative solutions. Discover how top leading manufacturing companies are harnessing the power of Joget to streamline operations, and enhance productivity, with digital excellence. Learn from the best and see how you can elevate your manufacturing processes to new heights.


1. Job Requisition App

Customer: NSK Bearings

NSK struggled with managing and analyzing business processes, facing challenges such as work progress control inadequacies, risk of losing vital paper documents, and reliance on labor-intensive manual approvals, all leading to decreased efficiency and productivity. A Job Requisition App was rapidly built on the Joget platform and integrated with Alfresco, a document management system, transforming NSK’s operations. This digital transformation resulted in automated, optimized, and more efficient workflows, minimizing human errors and improving overall operational accuracy and precision. Thus, NSK experienced substantial improvements in business process management and workflow efficiency.


2. Control Of Consumable Goods App

Customer: PT Komatsu Marketing and Support Indonesia (Komatsu)

Komatsu faced significant challenges in managing inventory, marked by manual, error-prone processes, resulting in inefficiencies like duplicated stock orders and a notable loss of approximately $200K in stocks. Aiming to enhance asset security, improve inventory tracking, and reduce expenses, a Control of Consumable Goods App was developed on the Joget platform. This solution enabled continuous monitoring of stock consumption and utilization, streamlined procurement processes, and maintained optimal inventory levels. Consequently, manual calculations were eradicated, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks, boosting productivity and job satisfaction, and enhancing the supply chain’s overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.


3. High Risk Project Management System

Customer: Baowu Equipment Intelligent Technology

At Baowu, most occupational accidents happened at high-risk project sites spread across over 10 cities, presenting challenges in supervision and a lack of a systematic management approach for vast amounts of construction and safety data. To address this, a High Risk Project Management System, built on the Joget platform, was implemented in line with company guidelines. This new system enhanced data integrity and streamlined the management of safety violation inspection, verification, and rectification processes.


4. Fleet Management System (FMS)

Customer: Baosteel Engineering Group

Baosteel required an efficient system for fleet management, encompassing scheduling, allocation, and maintenance. The aim was to optimize vehicle utility, enhance productivity, ensure centralized management for improved oversight, and facilitate inter-departmental communication. They also sought a mobility-optimized solution to enhance business agility in response to market changes. To address these needs, a Fleet Management System (FMS) was developed on the Joget platform, streamlining management, reducing labor, and enhancing process optimization. Post-implementation, Baosteel achieved significant management improvements tailored to their specific fleet situations. The FMS also integrated with the enterprise WeChat mobile application, eliminating manual paperwork and approval processes.


5. Migrating Customizations to Oracle Cloud

Customer: One of the Largest Industrial Conglomerate with More Than 40 Years History and Offices Across the GCC

In migrating from EBS to Oracle Fusion Cloud, the customer faced potential loss and overwriting of customizations during migration and future upgrades, representing significant effort and costs. They sought a quick method to externalize customizations and build various supply chain applications across multiple business lines without extensive redevelopment. Using the Joget platform, customizations were efficiently implemented, simplifying migration preparations and reducing complexities in subsequent upgrades. Contrary to the extensive cost and over 1.5 years required to build these applications on Oracle, Joget facilitated the development and deployment of the entire suite, integrated with Oracle Database Management System (DBEE), in a remarkable three months.


6. AI Proof-of-Delivery Automation App

Customer: NFPC (National Food Products Company)

NFPC faced challenges with missing ‘Delivery Notes (DNs)’ and ‘Seals on DNs’, which complicated their proof-of-delivery (POD) and invoicing processes. To address this, an AI Proof-of-Delivery Automation App was built on the Joget platform, leveraging its AI-ready TensorFlow plugin. This provided NFPC with a unified ecosystem for communicating all POD-related data with customers. This advanced system allows processing of up to 5,000 DNs daily, streamlining the previously cumbersome POD-discrepancy management process. Consequently, NFPC experienced reduced issues with lost documents, increased POD transparency, and a smoother customer invoicing cycle.


7. All-In-One Workflow Management System

Customer: Hume Cement

Hume Cement faced operational challenges due to reliance on manual processes, paper forms, and a multitude of scattered satellite applications, leading to duplicated, time-consuming, and labor-intensive tasks. To overcome these issues, an All-In-One Workflow Management System was developed on the Joget platform. This initiative centralized and digitalized business processes, consolidating over 100 enterprise applications across various departments, such as Procurement, Production, Finance, and Human Resources. The implementation of this system led to significant operational improvements at Hume Cement, including enhanced efficiency, reduced errors, accelerated processing times, and improved inter-departmental communication, task tracking, and accountability.


8. Business Vehicle Management System

Customer: Baosteel Engineering Technology Group

Baosteel faced challenges in managing their vehicle fleet due to inefficient scheduling, unclear car occupancy status, and difficulties in monitoring operating, refueling, and maintenance costs, leading to conflicts and disorganized expense reviews. To address these issues, a Business Vehicle Management System was implemented, built on the Joget platform. The system provided a comprehensive management approach, incorporating features like scheduling, refueling, mileage, purchase, lease, insurance, and maintenance records management. This resulted in enhanced tracking of the vehicle life cycle, improved data integrity, and transparency, allowing Baosteel to produce timely and pertinent reports, accessible seamlessly on mobile devices and desktops.


9. Smart Patrol Warehouse App

Customer: Multinational Company with the Largest Chlor Alkali-Vinyl Chloride Plant in Southeast Asia

The client had challenges in manually retrieving and validating information from patrol activities, resulting in potential data inaccuracies. They required a digital solution to streamline patrol procedures, expedite information gathering, and enhance report accuracy. A Smart Patrol Warehouse App, mobile-friendly and built on the Joget platform, was developed to address these needs. The app facilitated efficient data collection, storage, and reporting with enhanced visualizations, ensuring intuitive and user-friendly interactions, allowing management of patrol activities directly from mobile devices. This digital transformation ensured improved data accuracy, convenience, and visibility for users, regardless of their technical expertise.


10. E-Form Allowance Payment App

Customer: Manufacturer and Exporter of Automobile Products and Vehicle Components

The customer faced challenges in allowance payment processes due to the absence of a comprehensive workflow management system, resulting in lack of control, unmet SLAs, time-consuming manual processes, and potential fraud. To overcome these issues, an E-Form Allowance Payment App was developed on the Joget platform, aiming to automate and simplify the allowance payment and approval processes. This innovation eliminated manual data entry, reducing paperwork, and administrative burden, and enhanced accuracy and timeliness in allowance payments. Consequently, it enabled users to manage their allowance payments effortlessly and improved overall operational efficiency.


11. Accounting Workflow System

Customer: Chin Hin Group

Chin Hin Group needed a solution to consolidate and automate its accounting workflows, as manual data entry and tracking of physical documents like invoices and credit notes were proving to be time-consuming and labor-intensive due to a shortage of personnel and resources. To address these issues, an Accounting Workflow System was developed on the Joget platform, automating key aspects like accounts receivable/payable, note issuance, and bank reconciliation. The system’s deployment led to a marked improvement in Chin Hin’s operational efficiency and accuracy by minimizing human errors, accelerating data entry, and processing, and offering timely insights into accounting processes, ultimately aiding in more informed decision-making.


12. YBS ERP Software Designed with Joget

Customer: Leading Manpower Contracting Company

The customer, struggling with outdated programs and complex compliance with AS 9100 and multiple ISO standards, successfully transitioned to the YBS ERP Software in 2021. This integrated ERP system streamlined and consolidated various operations such as procurement, production, and inventory management, enhancing efficiency, reducing data loss, and improving audit scores, despite the previous challenges of managing multifaceted tracking files and rudimentary inventory methods within a 50-employee workforce.


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