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Public service comes with its own set of unique challenges. This piece shines a light on three government entities that have seamlessly integrated Joget into their operations, enhancing public service delivery and achieving unparalleled levels of excellence.


1. NOTIFY Contact Tracing Solution

Customer: Regional Correctional Facility Located in New Jersey, United States

This case study focuses on the development of a digital contact tracing system during the COVID-19 pandemic, aimed at a vulnerable group: prison inmates. The need for this system arose due to the limitations of the previously outsourced contact tracing method, which was paper-based, slow, and error-prone.

The solution involved creating a digital contact tracing tool using the Joget platform. This tool, named NOTIFY, is equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It employs badges and wearable devices assigned to inmates, which transmit location data to strategically placed gateways. These gateways define distinct zones for effective monitoring and tracking within the prison environment.

NOTIFY’s functionality includes analyzing inmate identities, tracking their movements across various zones, the duration of their interactions, and their social connections. This approach enables real-time tracking of COVID-19 spread. In case of a positive contact event, the system is designed to trigger alerts and generate comprehensive reports, facilitating immediate response and informed decision-making.

The implementation of this system marked a significant shift from manual, paper-based methods to a more proactive, accurate, and efficient digital approach. It enhanced the ability to manage and control the spread of infections among the prison population, ensuring a higher level of safety and health management.



2. SECURE Support Workflow (SSW)

Company: Orange County, California

This case study focuses on how a single citizen developer built a Secure Support Workflow (SSW) System using the Joget platform to optimize business processes for handling a large volume of SECURE Support activities. The development, completed over a six-month period, resulted in a system with approximately 150 user screens and automated around eight processes.

Before implementing this system, the organization heavily relied on manual processes, which came with significant overhead, cumbersome tracking, and inherent inaccuracies. These manual workflows led to delays and inefficiencies in process management. Additionally, it was challenging for the organization to effectively identify areas for improvement and make timely, data-driven decisions.

The introduction of the SSW System marked a significant shift in operations. Despite being developed and improved continually by just one team member over four years, rather than a large development team, the system has significantly enhanced the organization’s operational efficiency. It enabled real-time tracking of activity progress, efficient tracking of activity completion, and offered comprehensive data reporting capabilities.

This transformation allowed the organization to move away from error-prone manual methods to a more streamlined, accurate, and efficient digital process management approach. It not only improved the speed and accuracy of their workflows but also provided valuable insights for continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.


3. Multi-Tenant Learning Management System

Company: The Largest Government Agencies in the United States, Integral to the Nation’s Security

This case study highlights the transformation of an organization’s training-related operations from manual to digital. Previously, tasks like creating training programs, scheduling sessions, and capturing learning outcomes and certifications were managed manually using paper forms, spreadsheets, and emails. The organization also faced challenges with siloed training assets, including over 100 training modules scattered across various departments. This approach was costly, time-consuming, and inefficient, making it difficult to track trainee enrollments and their learning progress due to the absence of a centralized data source.

The administration of training programs was cumbersome, with new training versions being implemented in a non-streamlined manner. There was a noticeable time lapse between training sessions and the documentation of training outcomes, and trainers found it difficult to document results in the field.

To address these challenges, a Learning Management System was jointly developed with one of the customer’s technology vendors. Built on the Joget platform, this solution serves as a digitized learning portal, significantly streamlining and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the organization’s learning environment. Key features of this system include offline-mobile capability, UI-based record management, and scalable architecture. These features seamlessly support the customer in their digital transformation journey, allowing for more effective management of training resources, easier tracking of trainee progress, and streamlined administration of training programs. The system’s design facilitates a more engaging and accessible learning experience for both trainers and trainees.



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