Making a Difference: Non-Profit Success Stories with Joget

Non-profit organizations often face unique challenges, but digital transformation can pave the way for more streamlined operations and impactful outreach. We’ve curated three insightful case studies highlighting how Joget has made a difference in the non-profit sector. Dive in to understand how these organizations have leveraged Joget’s platform to drive meaningful change. Ready to delve deeper?

Automated Training Attendance Tracking System

Customer: Katalyst India

This case study focuses on a non-profit organization that encountered challenges with its manual and paper-based training attendance tracking system. The existing method relied on paper sign-in sheets and screenshots from online meetings to record attendance, leading to issues in maintaining accurate records and ensuring visibility and auditability of student attendance. Moreover, the organization required an efficient system for planning and scheduling training sessions across different locations.

To overcome these challenges, the organization implemented an Automated Training Attendance Tracking System, developed on the Joget platform. This innovation replaced the archaic paper-based methods with a digital solution. The new system dramatically reduced the time and effort involved in tracking attendance and decreased the likelihood of human errors.

Post-implementation, the organization noted significant improvements in the accuracy and efficiency of their attendance tracking process. The increased transparency provided by the system enabled prompt identification and resolution of any attendance-related issues or discrepancies. By digitizing the previously manual processes, the organization streamlined its attendance tracking, freeing up essential resources and time. This shift allowed the organization to allocate more focus and resources towards more productive and impactful activities.

Patient Records Management

Customer: TMS Software develops

This case study looks at a non-profit organization that had problems with its palliative care coordination. The main issue was that clinicians had to carry physical patient files to home visits, which was not practical. Most of their patients were treated at home, so this became a big challenge, especially during emergency or unplanned visits. Also, keeping track of medical equipment lent to patients manually was taking too much time. Coordinating care among different healthcare providers like doctors, nurses, therapists, and pharmacists was done by hand, making it complicated.

To solve these problems, the organization set up a Patient Records Management (PRM) system on the Joget platform. This system let clinicians use notebooks or handheld devices to instantly look at and update patient records, even when they were out on calls. It helped them manage patient visits better and respond quickly in emergencies.

The PRM system made it possible for the care team to see and manage all parts of a patient’s treatment and care in one online place. This made planning treatments and talking about patient care much easier. By using this new system, the organization made its patient care more organized and effective, especially for urgent needs.


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