Joget Soars in G2 Summer 2023 Rankings

From Momentum Leader to High Performer Mid-Market, Joget’s array of recognitions by G2 underlines its dedication and expertise in the digital sector.

Columbia, MD, September 13, 2023 – Joget Inc, the open-source no-code/low-code application development platform company announced that G2 has positioned the company as a high performer in the Summer 2023 rankings.

G2, a leading B2B software and services review platform, is revered for its genuine, community-driven feedback on an array of digital platforms. Acting as a crucial beacon in the digital decision-making landscape, G2’s endorsements offer indispensable insights for both vendors and end-users.


Joget’s Accolades at a Glance:

  • Momentum Leader in Business Process Management – A nod to Joget’s sustained growth and its eminent position in its category.
  • Users Most Likely To Recommend for Mid-Market Low-Code Development Platforms – Emphasizing a robust product-market fit backed by satisfied users.
  • High Performer across numerous categories such as Asia Business Process Management, Asia Low-Code Development Platforms, Asia Pacific Low-Code Development Platforms, No-Code Development Platforms, and Business Process Management.
  • High Performer Mid-Market for Mid-Market Low-Code Development Platforms – A validation of Joget’s adeptness in tailoring to the unique requirements of the mid-market segment.

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Real User Reviews as Featured on G2

“Joget speed up app development! Joget is one of the best open-source platforms for the non-coder. Its drag-and-drop visual builders empower everyone to design an app; a person with less coding or no coding experience can develop an application using Joget. Its drag-and-drop features save a lot of time compared to writing the code manually, which is very time-consuming. With Joget, you can build an application using low code/no code. ” YASH, Kapstone LLC, an iC Consult Group

“Joget is powerful and easy to use. The best thing about Joget is the speed at which you can build an app prototype. Development is friendly and allows you to create a complete web/mobile app. You can build an app portal with access control. Joget benefits us in the management of customer data, the status of reports, and opening jobs according to the hierarchical position of employees in the structure. Certainly, customer and business management has improved.” Fabrizio Frusone

“Our recent G2 recognitions go beyond mere accolades. They reflect the trust and dedication we strive to offer our community,” said Raveesh Dewan, President and CEO of Joget, Inc.

“I would like to personally thank our customers and partners for their continuous support. It is because of them that these recognitions are truly meaningful.

While we appreciate this acknowledgment, we understand that the path of innovation never ends. With ongoing support from our community, we are more motivated than ever to push forward and set new standards for the future.”

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About Joget

As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, Joget stands at the forefront of this transformation. Driven by the mission to “Empower everyone to create digital innovations with ease and speed,” Joget offers a transformative, open-source, no-code/low-code application development platform.

Endorsed by leading industry players and consistently recognized as a high performer by industry analysts, Joget enables businesses, large and small, to turn groundbreaking ideas into enterprise-grade applications with little to no coding required.

Joget is a pioneer in the industry for merging the power of no-code/low-code development with blockchain technology, enabling the visual development of comprehensive blockchain-based applications.

Flexibility isn’t just a feature at Joget; it’s in the company’s DNA. Joget’s no-code/low-code platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems, and with Joget’s dedicated partner ecosystem and dynamic plugin architecture, scaling innovations at the speed of business is made possible.

With a diverse global customer base, from startups to Fortune 500 companies and government ministries, Joget has proven itself as a trusted driver of digital transformation across multiple industries. Joget has an active community of more than 12,000 users worldwide who trust the platform for their digital journey.

Visit us at Follow us on LinkedIn @Joget Inc, Twitter @JogetWorkflow, or Facebook @jogetworkflow. Subscribe to our YouTube @jogetinc.


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