From Legacy to Modernization: Sunway’s Lotus Notes Apps Transformation

Transformation from legacy Lotus Notes to no-code/low-code web applications accessible anytime and anywhere, with a 30% reduction in development timeframe, 60% increase in efficiency, and significant cost savings.

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of technology, businesses find themselves in a perpetual quest for innovative solutions to stay relevant and boost efficiency. For Sunway Group, a large conglomerate in Malaysia with businesses spanning across property development, construction, education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and leisure, a major challenge lay in the need for a centralized solution to unify and transform their legacy Lotus Notes applications, which were predominantly client-based and lacked web and mobile capabilities.

A staggering 90% of these applications required the local installation of the Lotus Notes client software, leading to offline access limitations and limited customizations for workflows.


Overwhelmed by Hardware Costs and Resource-Intensive Software Installations

One of the primary obstacles faced by Sunway was the rigid nature of the approval flow, which was hard-coded, not mobile-responsive, and lacked a flexible workflow engine. Customizing the approval flow based on user requirements demanded significant support efforts and time investment. Additionally, the limited integration functionality and absence of reporting tools further restricted the potential of these applications.

Transitioning applications to web-based platforms proved to be a challenging and time-consuming process. The dated Lotus Notes technology, coupled with the scarcity of developers skilled in this environment, posed a considerable hurdle. The demand for local servers setup at remote sites and offices, along with extensive resources required for Lotus Notes software installation, configuration, replication and ongoing support, imposed a substantial financial burden on hardware and manpower.

On top of that, the lack of advancement in the IBM Lotus Notes product raised concerns about its future viability, with the product anticipated to reach its End of Life (EOL) soon. In light of this, Sunway recognized the urgency to replace their Lotus Notes applications with Joget to remain competitive and cope with business needs.


Sunway’s Triumph Over Constraints: Embracing No-Code/Low-Code

With the support from Joget partner TMS Software, the following are the top 3 cloud applications built on the Joget no-code/low-code platform.

● Sunway Mall EMS, EOS & iAds
● Sunway Construction Contract Management
● Sunway Office Automation Suite

Sunway Mall EMS, EOS & iAds
● EMS stands for Event Management System. The solution plays a pivotal role enabling the marketing team at Sunway Shopping Malls to handle event bookings and location management.
● EOS stands for Event Order System, a solution that allows Sunway Shopping Malls to streamline inventory item bookings for events within the mall premises.
● iAds is a solution built to help Sunway Shopping Malls better handle advertising space bookings and tools utilization management. This includes light boxes, buntings, stickers and more.

Sunway Construction Contract Management
Sunway Construction Contract Management is a single platform for Sunway Construction to manage the entire award contract cycle. The solution provides a complete end-to-end integration of all processes, all the way from project information capture to the assessment of sub-contractors, suppliers and consultants.

Sunway Office Automation Suite
Sunway Office Automation Suite is a one-stop solution widely used by Sunway Group of Companies that enables employees to create, collect, store, consolidate and share office data required to complete day-to-day routine tasks and processes.


A Tale of How Sunway Increased Efficiency by 60%, Leaving Behind Contract Hard Copy Printing and Paper-Heavy Workflows

TMS’s commitment to excellence paired with the collective effort and expertise of their team enabled Sunway to embark on a transformative journey, leaving behind manual processes and paper-heavy workflows to pave the way for a new era of efficiency and innovation.

By enabling applications accessible anytime and anywhere, Sunway bid farewell to laborious data entry into ERP systems, opting for seamless data exchange and real-time processing via APIs. This pivotal shift not only streamlined their operations but also empowered the organization to make informed decisions with the help of a reporting dashboard, while Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication ensured smooth user logins.

The second phase of their technological overhaul brought forth a new wave of mobility and empowerment. Mobile-ready submission and on-the-go approval enables Sunway employees the freedom to perform tasks from any location, with self-service configurable master profiles empowering business users and departments alike.

Simultaneously, workflow administration and maintenance is now simplified with less coding, lower development costs, faster deployment, and a 30% reduction in web development timeframe. The automated approval flows with tailored configurations for different departments revolutionized the processes, generating automated reminder email notifications to keep the respective parties, approvers, and tenants well informed.

The financial aspect of their transformation was equally compelling. With over 8,000 active users benefiting from the streamlined processes, Sunway achieved significant cost savings and ROI. The integration with Oracle JDE Construction Environment and enhanced searching capabilities across all modules further improved efficiency throughout the contract cycle, eliminating repetitive manual tasks and reducing paper usage, consequently cutting administrative costs.

This transformative journey catapulted the organization’s efficiency to unprecedented heights, leading to substantial cost savings and a motivated workforce. The results were extraordinary — up to 60% increase in work and time efficiency, elimination of hardcopy printing, and enhanced data security. This technological metamorphosis laid the foundation for a future where possibilities are limitless, enabling Sunway to thrive amidst a rapidly evolving landscape.

Sunway’s journey of technological transformation not only propelled them ahead of the competition but also fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the organization.


What Sunway Has to Say About Their Transformation Journey with TMS and Joget?

“The Joget Platform has helped us greatly in our transformation and digitalization journey. Our developers were able to transform more than 300 in house legacy workflow applications to web based workflow applications with modern user interface, improved features and functionalities. Big thanks to Joget Inc and our local partner, TMS for their unwavering support, commitment through the years. We are excited to see the continuous Joget platform improvements that can be beneficial to Sunway.”

— Kevin Khoo Min Sinn
Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Sunway Group

“After moving to Joget platform, Digital Hub is able to automate simple to complex workflow processes much faster for our diversified business units and it brings a huge value in boosting work productivity for business operations.”

— Letchumy Adekan
Director at Sunway Digital Hub


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