From a Zero-Programmer IT Company to a Professional IT Firm

My name is Sean, and I am the founder of Valuprosys Technology Co., Ltd. Prior to establishing Valuprosys, I was with a Fortune 500 company handling the implementation of Oracle ERP projects and overseeing the company’s information management. At that juncture, my knowledge in the field of web development was limited, and my acquaintance with SQL was modest at best.

Navigating Digital Transformation: From Joget Discovery to Implementation and Beyond

In a very early stage, I stumbled upon Joget (formerly known as Joget Workflow) on — an invigorating product that allowed me to effortlessly transform my management ideas into bespoke web applications with drag-and-drop.

Following that, my friends and I founded Valuprosys, using Joget as our development tool to provide customized software development services for management systems for our clients. Through our deep understanding of the business and management principles along with Joget’s exceptional no-code development capability, we successfully completed various system deliveries and established a firm foundation of trust with our clients, even without a full-time programmer during the nascent stages of the company.

Valuprosys has been maintaining a close partnership with the Joget team, together exploring avenues for further product enhancement. Over the years, we have had the privilege of serving a multitude of organizations with clients such as Siemens Healthineers, Corning Environmental Technologies, Coca-Cola, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Faurecia, Baowu, and many other renowned large enterprises.

Joget provides comprehensive training and technical support, consistently maintaining an ethos of openness and innovation. This enables us to delve into a plethora of open source technologies and frameworks, while also staying abreast of cutting-edge product and technology trends, including blockchain, RPA, and AI applications.


Q: How has Joget helped Valuprosys build solutions for their large enterprise clients?

John Zhang, Founder and Deputy General Manager at Valuprosys:
“Joget, as a low-code application development platform, offers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to customizing forms, workflows, and user interfaces. When we embark on building enterprise solutions for large enterprises, we are able to rapidly construct demos based on the specific needs of our clients. These demos not only grant clients a clearer grasp of the impending management systems but also serve as agile foundations for subsequent refinements and enhancements.

This approach furnishes a straightforward and visual avenue for managing project requirements and attaining polished functionalities. Additionally, this is especially advantageous in navigating evolving project prerequisites, enabling us to quickly adapt to changing client demands.

The upshot is a pronounced improvement in both the timeliness of project execution and the quality of delivered outcomes, culminating in an elevated level of client satisfaction. As an example, for Coca-Cola, we employed Joget’s capabilities to tackle their intricate business challenges with remarkable results.”


Q: In what ways has Joget been instrumental in empowering Valuprosys to deploy solutions that address the intricate needs of Coca-Cola?

John Zhang, Founder and Deputy General Manager at Valuprosys:
“Facing a restricted annual budget for application system development, the client sought consultations from traditional full-code programming based vendors, who not only charged exorbitant development fees but also demanded lengthy development periods.

Confronted with a restricted annual budget for application development, Coca-Cola initially consulted traditional vendors reliant on full-code programming. However, these vendors not only imposed steep development costs but also demanded lengthy development timelines. To put things into perspective, given the available budget, Coca-Cola could only manage to develop one single application through conventional means.

In stark contrast, Joget allowed them to complete the development of 3 application requirements within the original budget and in a significantly shorter development timeline. A striking example is the 5S management application, which progressed from initial requirement assessment to full deployment in a mere 3 weeks. Coca-Cola was very satisfied with the efficiency and results of these development services.

In addition to that, there are also some other interesting Joget use cases from Baowu Equipment Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.”


Joget Use Cases: Real-World Implementation


High Risk Project Management System

Baowu Equipment Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd’s High Risk Management System translates clients’ safety management standards pertaining to high risk projects into personalized functionalities in the management system. This empowers clients to enforce uniform safety protocols and standards across both their headquarters and various sites. The overarching objective is the prevention of any potential safety incidents.


Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd’s Shangyao Supply Chain Research Reagent Procurement Platform establishes seamless connectivity between a central master data system and several procurement terminals positioned within hospital premises. Leveraging Joget for swift development and deployment, the platform aids clients in the expansion and promotion of their research reagent procurement operations.

Additionally, by integrating supplier research reagent foundational data with the company’s ERP system, it paves the way for consistent and rapid enhancement of clients’ research reagent sales performance.


Growing Together: From Product Development to Continuous Enhancement

Today, Valuprosys has also established its own product development team and developed an iPaaS product ( on the Joget low-code platform. This product has forged a strategic alliance with Feishu (internationally known as Lark) and functions as a seamless connector solution, bridging WeChat users with Feishu users.

Through over a decade of continuous refinement, the Joget low-code platform has grown to be very sophisticated and extensive. Seamlessly blending user-friendly simplicity with extensive scalability, the platform empowers non-technical users to quickly grasp and leverage its capabilities, while at the same time enabling professional developers to seamlessly integrate and build sophisticated systems and solutions.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Joget team for their years of unwavering support. I wholeheartedly wish for the continued growth of Joget’s products, and a steadily rising market presence!

This article is written by Sean Feng, Founder of Valuprosys Technology Co., Ltd.

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