On-Demand Webinar: Driving Innovation with Joget

Unlock the Power of Low-Code: Joget On-Demand Webinar on Customer Identity Assurance is Now Available!

Did you missed our insightful live webinar on July 27, 2023, titled “Driving Innovation with Joget: Low-Code Solutions for Customer Identity Assurance”? We understand that schedules can be demanding. The good news is, the detailed on-demand recording is now online for you to view at your leisure.

In collaboration with Innov8tif Solutions, this webinar session featured a comprehensive guide to the future of customer identity assurance. We discussed the transformative benefits of EMAS CIDA, powered by the Joget open-source no-code/low-code platform. So, if you’re looking to strengthen your customer identity assurance, protect users against identity theft, and embarking on a journey of digital transformation via low-code solutions, this webinar is your starting point.

Webinar Highlights Include:

  • Understanding EMAS CIDA – Explore the capabilities of EMAS CIDA (Customer ID Assurance), a living framework showcasing different types of ID authentication solutions
  • Implementing ID Assurance Process: Learn how to implement a comprehensive ID assurance process for your users.
  • Mitigating Fraud with Improved Security: Effectively identify and mitigate fraud and scams with a higher level of security.


With the rising importance of online security and the need for streamlined user onboarding processes, understanding how to navigate the world of online identity assurance is crucial.

Ready to gain a deeper understanding of how to combat online identity fraud and enhance your customer onboarding experience? Access the on-demand recording now!


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