Joget Workshop: LIVE Demo on Hashgraph Application Studio – August Series

Ever been curious about decentralized applications (dApps)? Want to harness the power of no-code/low-code technology in dApp development? Well, your opportunity is knocking! 🚀

Join us for our August Workshop Series: LIVE Demo of Hashgraph Application Studio!

📅Mark Your Calendar: August 9, 2023, 10 am EST.


Here’s what’s on the agenda:

🔍Live Demonstration: Venture into the insurance world with a live, hands-on demo. Discover how the Hashgraph Application Studio can revolutionize the insurance sector.


Workshop Highlights

  • Generate Hedera accounts with the Hedera Generate Account Tool.
  • Send transactions through the Hedera Send Transaction Tool.
  • Mint tokens using the Hedera Mint Token Tool.
  • Manage token access with the Hedera Token Management Tool.
  • Verify transactions on the HashScan ledger explorer.
  • Seamlessly load account data from the Hedera DLT into a form.
  • Record auditable and immutable events via Topics with the Hedera Consensus Service



Meet the Experts:

  • Justin Wee, Special Projects Technology at Joget.
  • Andrew Forson, Global Blockchain Business Lead at Joget.
  • And guest speaker, Ed Marquez, Developer Relations Engineer for Hedera at Swirlds Labs, Ed’s insights promise to add another dimension to the conversation!


Who Should Attend?

Whether you’re an aspiring developer, a business leader looking to leverage blockchain technology, or simply curious about the possibilities of decentralization applications (dApps), this LIVE demo is designed with you in mind. It’s an open invitation to anyone and everyone eager to peer into the future of technology – Hashgraph Application Studio.

If you’re passionate about future-forward technology and eager to get a firsthand look at the next big thing in dApps, this workshop is tailor-made for you.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Register now and be part of a future without limits!


Get Started with Hashgraph Application Studio

Get Started: Discover more about Hashgraph Application Studio.

Tutorials: View our tutorials on Hashgraph Application Studio.

Download: Download Hashgraph Application Studio today.


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