Joget Recognized In Now Tech Q1 2021 Analyst Report As A Low-Code Development Platform For Business Developers
Joget Recognized in Now Tech Q1 2021 Analyst Report
The Joget team is pleased to announce that the Joget no-code/low-code platform has been named in the Forrester Now Tech: General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2021 analyst report as a low-code development platform for business developers to empower digital workforces.

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts both the social and economic environment, organizations value the speed of application delivery more than ever before to meet the increased market demands and achieve a higher customer satisfaction rate.

From coding to visual
Source: Joget webinar featuring Forrester’s Lauren Nelson and John Bratincevic – Accelerated Application Development with Low-Code and Cloud Native Platforms: Are You Ready for the New Normal?


Why Low-Code Platforms Instead of Traditional Software Development?

As stated in one of the key takeaways from the Forrester Now Tech Report, the volume of enterprise applications required for digitization has been increasing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important for the developed enterprise apps to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and suit the wide range of business needs.

To digitize everything from A to Z using the traditional software development approach, businesses need to have a professional application development team with programming skills and knowledge to develop an enterprise app. Nevertheless, these are all beyond the speed and responsiveness with the use of code and that’s why, low-code platforms are here to address the mentioned challenges and empower one to move from ideation to reality.

Forrester defines general-purpose low-code development platforms as “Platforms for application development that employ visual, declarative techniques instead of programming to meet a wide variety of application and process automation use cases.” According to the report, low-code platforms are now vital to digital business and have been proven in even the most mission-critical use cases in the COVID-19 world.

Joget DX Low-Code Platform Architecture
Architecture of the Joget DX low-code platform


Why Joget DX Low-Code Platform?

With low-code platforms like Joget DX, business developers can supercharge their application delivery and improve the adaptability of app development using drag-and-drop and features like built-in support for Progressive Web AppsApplication Performance Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence. As the amount of time has been reduced dramatically from writing lines of codes to dragging and dropping elements, business developers with zero programming knowledge can easily turn their app ideas into reality, while reducing the time-to-market from months to weeks or even days.

As we believe Joget is the only open source low-code platform included in the Forrester Now Tech report, we offer a unique combination of simplicity, flexibility and openness to suit any enterprise. With its agile environment, business and professional developers can collaborate to develop and deliver full-fledged enterprise applications to fulfill a wide variety of application use cases and cater to different business requirements.

Click here to watch the tutorial on how to build a Visitor Management App on Joget DX in less than 20 minutes.


Get Started:

Start building your own enterprise app with Joget DX and choose your desired deployment options from on-premise to containers and cloud native platforms to suit your business requirements.

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