Introducing the Manufacturing Production and Planning App

As manufacturing processes continue to evolve and adapt to changing market demands, the need for efficient and effective production and planning processes becomes increasingly important. Fortunately, the emergence of no-code/low-code platforms like Joget DX has made it possible for businesses to quickly and easily build custom applications to streamline and orchestrate these processes.

Introducing the Manufacturing Production and Planning (MPP) app, which helps businesses to seamlessly transform production workflows into instrumented digitalized processes that connect operator, machine, resource coordination and QAQC assurance into a single ecosystem to achieve operational efficiency. 

The Benefits

Improved Visibility: With consistent data updates on project initiations, procurement requests, production checklists, dimension verification and functional testing, and logistics arrangement, the MPP app provides a comprehensive view of your production processes. This can help you identify bottlenecks and barriers, and make informed decisions to improve overall efficiency.
Enhanced Collaboration: The MPP app facilitates effective communication and collaboration between different departments, enabling information to be quickly shared and distributed amongst stakeholders for greater transparency and smoother operations.
Increased Productivity: With the visibility, collaboration, and transparency enabled by the MPP app, businesses can benefit from increased workflow productivity, faster response times to meet deadlines and improved production quality.
Seamless Customization: Joget DX is an open source no-code/low-code application platform, allowing its users to customize the app to fit their specific business needs and requirements with the platform dynamic plugin architecture. This flexibility enables organizations to tailor the application to their particular use case while maintaining scalability and agility.


Flow: Sales > Procurement > Production > QAQC > Logistics

  1. The Sales Department submits a new project.
  2. The Procurement Department is notified via email notification of the project submission, and starts to submit a new procurement entry.
  3. The Production Department is notified via email notification of the procurement entry, and starts to submit a new production job.
  4. The QAQC Department is notified via email notification of the production job, and starts to submit a new QAQC evaluation.
  5. The Logistics Department is notified via email notification of the QAQC evaluation, and starts to submit a new logistics/delivery arrangement.


Welcome Page with Setup Instructions


Dashboard: Project Overview


Dashboard: Procurement Overview
Dashboard: Production Overview


Dashboard: QAQC Overview


Dashboard: Logistics Overview


Project Submission Form to Initiate a New Project


Procurement Entry Form for Raw Materials Sourcing


Production Job Form to Determine Production Type and Checklist


QAQC Evaluation Form to Verify Dimensions and Conduct Testings


Logistics Arrangement Form to Collect Supporting Documents and Handle Packaging


Get Started
The app is free for any organization to download, use and customize according to your business needs. Sign up for a free account on Joget Cloud and directly install the Manufacturing Production and Planning App from the Joget Marketplace via the App Center.
Other resources to help you get started:


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