Joget Recognized in Low Code Platforms Landscape 2023 Report

COLUMBIA, Md., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Joget Inc., the global innovator in next-generation enterprise application development, has been included in the Forrester Research report, “The Low-Code Platforms For Citizen Developers Landscape, Q4 2023”. We believe the acknowledgment underscores Joget’s impactful presence in the low-code market and its consistent efforts to redefine enterprise application development through its platform.

The report, which serves as a crucial benchmark for application development and delivery leaders, offers an overview of low-code platforms for citizen developers. It can help them understand the value of a platform, how the vendors differ, and what options there are based on company sizes and market focus.

According to Forrester’s analysis, “as in many software markets, the hysteria and allure of generative AI have affected low code. As a result, natural-language-based app development and other TuringBots infused into the low-code software development lifecycle are present in virtually all low-code vendor roadmaps and releases for 2023 and beyond. But this trend is not the destructive force that some suppose: AI benefits the market as a whole while supporting the existing dynamics among smaller pure-play vendors and large portfolio players, along with the gradually blurring distinction between the professional and citizen developer low-code markets.”

We believe Joget’s inclusion in this report cements its position as a significant player in the market, offering tailored solutions across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, financial services, retail, and government. Joget’s presence spans multiple regions, from North America, and Europe, to the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Forrester’s comprehensive report is available to its subscribers or can be purchased by other interested parties. The findings provide a roadmap for understanding the low-code solution landscape and deliver valuable perspectives to leaders in the application development and delivery field.

Raveesh Dewan, President and CEO of Joget, states, “Forrester’s report validates for us the strides we have made in the low-code market. It’s not just about keeping up with trends like AI; it’s about integrating these advancements in a way that complements and accelerates the work of both citizen and professional developers. Our recent acknowledgment from Gartner and the launch of Joget DX’s generative AI features are also testaments to our dedication to this mission.”

In its dedication to innovation, Joget is keenly focused on empowering both citizen and professional developers to collaboratively build enterprise applications with ease and speed. Joget’s open-source platform champions the concept of fusion teams, enabling cross-functional groups to work seamlessly together in driving the digital transformation of enterprises. With a focus on flexibility along with robust security and governance features, Joget provides businesses with the tools to effectively develop, monitor, and scale complex enterprise applications that are aligned with organizational goals and compliance requirements.

Joget’s innovative trajectory is further exemplified by its mention as honorable mention in the recent Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms and the introduction of generative AI features in Joget DX. These developments are geared toward streamlining the app development process and enhancing user experiences across various industries.

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Read the news coverage of Joget’s inclusion in the Forrester Research report.


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