Joget Solution for the F&B Industry – A Case Study

The food and beverage sector thrives on innovation, and Joget is at the forefront of this culinary revolution. Discover how Joget helps F&B businesses streamline and optimize operations, and satiate consumers’ ever-evolving needs.

BBN Formula Information QR Code Management System

Customer: Commercial Product Supply Department of A Renowned Global Beverage Conglomerate

This case study focuses on a beverage canning factory facing challenges in managing the Beverage Batch Number (BBN) codes corresponding to various raw materials used in beverage formulas. Whenever adjustments were made to a beverage formula or new formulas were introduced, it necessitated the manual replacement of BBN code labels on unused raw material packaging, involving significant labor and forklift operations.

To streamline and optimize this process, a BBN Formula Information QR Code Management System was built on the Joget platform. It established a backend database website with permission controls to maintain updated BBN information corresponding to the raw materials. The system facilitated customization, generation, and downloading of QR codes for raw materials, allowing easy tracking of maintenance history and record-keeping. These QR codes, scannable across various devices like laptops, tablets, or mobile phones, made retrieving BBN formula information much easier.

The implementation of this system enabled the seamless importation of raw materials codes from SAP into the new system, reducing manual errors and standardizing the process, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.


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