Become a Joget EDU Partner: Introducing the Joget Academic Program

In the dynamic landscape of the digital era where innovation is imperative, the key to success lies in a harmonious fusion of theoretical knowledge and hands-on proficiency. Recognizing the need for transformative, self-driven education, Joget introduces its Academic Program and extends a warm invitation to universities, colleges, and educational institutions to become a Joget Education (EDU) Partner.

Picture this: a canvas where academia collaborates with industry, and students become architects of real-world solutions through the lens of open source low-code/no-code technology. The goal is not just to learn but to build, not merely to understand but to innovate. This is the essence of the Joget Academic Program, an initiative that aligns education with industry needs, transforming classrooms into incubators of innovation.

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry-Wide Innovation

As education transcends conventional boundaries and the classroom becomes a launchpad for innovation, the Joget Academic Program becomes a bridge that integrates open source low-code/no-code technology into the fabric of business and IT, giving rise to a generation of professionals who are not just informed about the latest technologies but adept at wielding them. Let’s explore how it adapts to the disruptive forces of generative AI and blockchain technology, shaping the trajectory of future education.

Benefits for Students: Unlock Innovation, Build Portfolios, Foster Collaboration

Being part of this program ensures that students are well-prepared for the evolving demands of the digital era. Throughout this self-learning journey, they will be able to gain

1. Innovative Skill Sets: Students enrolled in the Joget Academic Program gain hands-on experience in open source low-code/no-code technology, developing skills that are in high demand in the job market.
2. Portfolio Development: By working on tangible projects using Joget, students build a portfolio that showcases their ability to solve real-world problems, giving them a competitive edge in their future careers.
3. Teamwork & Collaboration: Collaborative projects between students from different faculties simulate real-world scenarios, fostering collaboration and preparing them for the interdisciplinary nature of the workplace.

Exclusive Benefits for Joget EDU Partners

Joget EDU Partners enjoy exclusive benefits that align with their commitment to advancing education:

1. Unlimited Joget Academy Vouchers: Access to a wealth of learning resources at the Joget Academy for students.
2. Logo Recognition on Joget Website: Showcase your institution’s commitment to cutting-edge education on our official website.
3. Collaboration Opportunities: Partner with Joget in webinars, workshops, events, case studies, podcasts, blogs, and press releases, gaining visibility and recognition in the broader tech community.

How the Program Works: A Tailored Approach

1. Course Offerings: Integrate Joget as one of the course or subject offerings.
2. Certifications: Encourage students to complete Joget Academy courses and certifications.
3. Projects: Assign students a real-world business problem to solve with Joget that will necessitate collaboration with different faculties, within a set time frame (Graded by the educational institution, suggested completion time is 2 weeks).

Please note that the steps above are a general guideline, and educational institutions are welcome to tailor it as needed to better meet the needs of the students.

Engage and Connect: Joget Community Q&A

To foster an interactive learning environment, we strongly encourage students to post their questions and answers on our Joget Community Q&A forums. Join the community and engage with peers, mentors, and experts to enhance your learning experience.

Capstone Projects Collaboration

Joget welcomes educational institutions to collaborate on capstone projects. For discussions and inquiries, please reach out to us at

By embracing the Joget Academic Program and becoming a Joget EDU Partner, together we can pave the way for students to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Join us in shaping the innovators of tomorrow!


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